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05th of February 2015 - Jack The Snipper

Pomade is a well known word to us modern day hair product junkies.

Derived from the French word ‘Pommade’ meaning ointment, Pomade was traditionally a greasy, waxy substance used to style hair.

A far cry from hairspray and gel, Pomade was renowned for not drying out but also renowned as almost impossible to remove from the hair. Back in the day, you were likely to use a degreaser or dishwashing liquid as shampoo, to get the stuff out.

This is due to a few factors. In the 19th century they used bear fat as the main ingredient to create the intense shine in the hair, which was generally replaced in the 20th century by beeswax, lard and petroleum jelly, none of which are water soluble.

The Pomades we all know today are all quite different from one another. Ranging from super strong hold, wax-based Pomades to medium hold, water dispersible kind, right down to classic light-hold pomades. So depending on what style you wear, will depend on what sort of Pomade suits you.

You will find a lot of strong hold Pomades have Beeswax as one of the main ingredients. As opposed to traditional Pomades, which were heavy on the Lanolin and Petroleum to create the heavy shine that was so popular.

Modern Pomades will still contain small amounts of Petroleum and Lanolin to create the shine but substitute some of those ingredients for minerals and natural waxes.

Jack the Snipper’s Original Styling Creme is a modern day take on traditional hair styling Pomades.

The aim was to create a staple product that was akin to Pomades on the market but with a few key differences.

• No degreaser necessary. Our creme rinses straight out.
• Rich, creamy formulation
• A stronger, longer lasting hold.
• Effortless application on dry or damp hair.
• Australian made and owned

So, if you are struggling to find the right hair Pomade for your style, Jack the Snipper’s Original Styling Creme is a great place to start.


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