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  • Jack the Snipper
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    23rd of February 2015 - control

    Trim your ear and nose hair regularly

    If you think for one second that your lover relishes the idea of having their upper lip tickled when she plants one on you, you have another think coming.

    Or if you think it’s ok to have tree growing out of your ears…..

    …..it’s definitely not ok!

    How to maintain the hairy monsters. It’s very simple.

    You can use regular nail scissors or splurge on some Panasonic NoseTrimmers.

    If you are nice to your Barber, they’ll do it for you. They might even get your wayward eyebrows sorted out.

    For those of you who are too young to have experienced this wonderful rite of passage into grown-up-land.

    Never fear, it’s coming!


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