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    25th of August 2015 - Jack The Snipper

    Ever sleep past your alarm? Or have a mate invite you out with only ten minutes notice?

    Whether you are counting sheep, with your face shoved in a pillow or lounging about in your best pair of jocks, watching Game of Thrones…

    …we have the grooming routine for you!

    Don’t spend your time faffing about with a hairdryer, mousse and hairspray. We are giving you the fastest, most effective way to be seen in public.

    SHOWER FAST                                                                     (two minutes)

    • Use a 2-in-1. Grab a bottle of JTS Original Hair + Body Wash and jump in. Wash your hair and body at the same time. You and your hair will be as clean as a whistle and you’ll even get a little tingle out of this delicious, menthol-infused wash.

    DRESS SMART                                                                      (two minutes)

    GROOM WELL                                                                      (four minutes)

    • Clean your teeth.
    • Always moisturise. Even when you think you don’t have time. Use a good quality moisturiser that is right for your skin type. 
    • Towel dry your hair. Don’t rub your hair too vigorously. This will damage your hair and make it brittle. Using your hands, press the towel against your head to draw the water out. Takes the same amount of time.
    • Choose your weapon. Pick whichever Jack the Snipper product is right for your hair and for the occasion. Then scoop a generous amount onto your fingers and work between hands. Apply evenly throughout your hair and comb into desired style.

    IDIOT CHECK                                                                           (one minute)

    • Keys, phone and wallet. Got these three things?… You will go far.

    SMILE                                                                           (takes no time at all)




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